Flora Mottini

on gentleness

The Swiss artist’s work functions as organic poetry. Her dreamy mindscapes and fluid everyman avatars show possible paths to exist in the world gently. Read more ︎︎︎
guest curator series

 Vectors by

Amanda Wasielewski

The big reveal has arrived for this three-decades-long experiment known as the internet: we have finally amassed enough data to form a viable training set for artificial intelligence. Read more ︎︎︎
artist profile

Jordan Nassar 

on his search for universality

Jordan's visions of a utopian neverland relish the beauty of false memories and anthropological notions such as the myth of eternal return. Read more ︎︎︎

 In conversation with

Yoriko Mizushiri

Scratch, stroke, sting, slither. A soft curve of flesh, a sharp angle. A piece of nigiri, familiar yet strange. Yoriko’s animations indulge in a haptic and intimate exploration of malleability through fetishised moments of ASMR-inducing hyperfocus. Read more ︎︎︎