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Vivian Greven

 sees the canvas as a  membrane

Bodies float in a timeless plasma behind the skin of the canvas. A message blooms on the surface, waiting for the viewer with whom the bodies seek communion. They share a universally human desire to be touched in their inner world. Read more ︎︎︎

 In conversation with

Yoriko Mizushiri

Scratch, stroke, sting, slither. A soft curve of flesh, a sharp angle. A piece of nigiri, familiar yet strange. Yoriko’s animations indulge in a haptic and intimate exploration of malleability through fetishised moments of ASMR-inducing hyperfocus. Read more ︎︎︎
guest curator series

Wes Hardin

on avatars

In May of 2021, The Brooklyn Rail published an interview between editor Anna Tome and New York-based visual artist Ebecho Muslimova. Their exchange is easy, cerebral, pretty funny at times. Read more ︎︎︎
Artist Profile

Evelyn Bencicova

on truth-based fictions

The VR artist and photographer delves deeper into the symbology she employs in her practice and the immersive mediums she is exploring to make her narratives even more compelling to viewers. Read more ︎︎︎