Fundación MEDIANOCHE0 is an institution dedicated to helping contemporary artists reach new audiences via online and physical platforms. Through profiles, interviews, articles by guest curators and talks, the Fundación seeks to offer a comprehensive view of its artists’ practices and contextualise them within broader art history.

The Fundación is committed to strengthening the fingerprint of each of its artists, not only through the in-house channels but by collaborating with larger institutions, such as the Centre Pompidou, MOMA PS1, the Long Beach Museum of Art, KMAC, M WOODS, Pond Society and the Museum Brandhorst. For younger artists, the Fundación helps connect them with relevant galleries and curators.

Our specific approach to curation is a vindication of younger generations, both as creators and audiences

The collection has a growing roster of emerging and mid-career artists from around the world, as well as established artists that have influenced them. Our specific approach to curation is a vindication of younger generations – both as creators and audiences – and follows a particular set of narratives derived from the reality and preoccupations of a Post-Internet society.

Fundación MEDIANOCHE0 has its headquarters in Granada, Spain. As a witness to the rise and fall of civilisations, Granada has evolved from a layering of cultures past. Whilst this is reflected in an abundance of old masters and architectural gems, the Fundación provides spaces for contemporary art to which visitors, local students and artists can relate. The Fundación seeks to fill a perceived gap in the local cultural offer, converse with and recontextualise these traditions, and encourage others to make their mark on the city with their brand of curation.

The Fundación also aims to be the nexus between the local creative community and public bodies, so that there may be a fluid conversation that results in collaborations and greater representation of these artists in the city where they live. A key goal is to work with the local University and visual arts schools on creating a program that can become a powerful educational resource.

The flagship museum is being constructed on Santa Ana, 4 and will house the permanent collection and rotating shows. The first space is now open at Gran Vía de Colón, 29, and features exhibitions representing a sample of the collection.

Future initiatives include a residency program in collaboration with public bodies as an ode to Granada’s past as a site of pilgrimage for artists. The Fundación is also exploring other cities worldwide where we can add differentiated value to that community.