Our specific approach to curation is a vindication of younger generations, both as creators and audiences.

Fundación MEDIANOCHE0 is an institution dedicated to helping contemporary artists reach new audiences via online and physical platforms. Through profiles, interviews, articles by guest curators and talks, the Fundación seeks to offer a comprehensive view of its artists’ practices and contextualise them within broader art history.

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The collection has a growing roster of emerging and mid-career artists from around the world, as well as the more established artists that have influenced them, and follows a particular set of narratives derived from the reality and preoccupations of a Post-Internet society. Read more ︎︎︎

Vivian Greven

sees the canvas as a permeable membrane

In Vivian Greven's canvases, bodies float in a timeless plasma. The skin of the canvas acts as a membrane that allows exchanges between the viewer and what lies within. A message blooms on its surface, waiting to be understood by the viewer with whom the bodies seek communion. They share a universally human desire to be understood, to be touched in their inner world. Read more ︎︎︎